Mixing / Arranging

Their is no right or wrong way to....

Fellow Music Enthusiasts and recording artists, there are no rules, no right and wrong way to create musical art . But, their can be the need for a different set of ears and perspective.

Thats where I come in.

With 45 years of musical experience and a great understanding of the creative process
I can put to work for you my skills and equipment to explorer mix alternatives you may not have considered, or just tighten up what you have already achieved in the box using great analogue gear and summing.

Based in Dix Hills NY I mix and record music through a hybrid analog system including all our favorite equipment. SSL Duality SE 24 Neve, API,  Antelope, Universal Audio, DBX, Lexicon, Bricasti, Avalon, Elysia , UA, Barefoot and more.

There is no cost to you for simple remix if your not satisfied with my work.

Here's one way we can work together.

Submit through DropBox either full Pro Tools Sessions or individual .wav files. I will remix your session based on your current mix and what you describe (or give examples of ) as your target mix, and return to you a mix with a few drop outs of audio to render the mix useless until we agree your satisfied. When you accept a final, is when I get paid and you receive a contiguous mix "Sans Dropouts".

My rate is $45 an hour for mixing and we move fast here. A typical 16 track session takes 3-4 hours to complete. (Remember, A three minute song with 16 tracks takes at least one hour just to preview each track and learn the content)

You have nothing to loose if your not satisfied.

The average 16 -24 track remix for improved soundscape and general balance is about $180 . Other services like in depth editing , extensive effects processing or applying Melodyne to vocals are time consuming and can add to the cost but may be essential to finalize a mix. In those cases an estimate and scope of work is agreed upon before work is performed.

So lets talk about it, Send me your current mix of any song so we can discuss if I'm a good choice to bring it to a different level

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Development. How do I get better?

Their is one thing common to most who ask this question.

They wait far too long to engage a coaching environment.
For those of you who have, or have had a vocal coach to help you with breathing and technique, you have taken an important step. and for many its enough, but for those who strive for greater outcomes, well, this is where I can help

Their are no cookie cutter solutions, or shortcuts to improvement.

I am not your typical vocal coach, in fact, I'm not a vocal coach at all. I'm a fellow musician, engineer and producer that has a skill in coaching to an outcome.

This happens in my well equipped studio where you really hear everything you're doing. Together we work as a team developing both the listening and performing skills that will improve your awareness and overall vocal capability.

Its HARD WORK. Take after take , listen after listen..

What happens in this process is a self awareness of what you really sound like and a unique opportunity to hear the results of experimenting with different approaches in  breathing, Phrasing, pronunciation and diaphragm control to reach a goal.
I'm affordable, Lets talk about your singing goals..

Recording/ "Sunday Sessions"

There are three things that make a great recording:

A great song
A well prepared and or cohesive group of musicians or artist
An engineer/producer that knows how to get the best out of the session by knowing the equipment available and the song writers goals.

If your interested in producing great original music, then contact me to discuss my role in helping you achieve "A GREAT RECORDING"

Rates are affordable

40 + years of playing, recording, engineering and writing. I work out of Dix Hills in a full 32 track studio including great hardware: SSL Duality SE 24 Mixing Console , Neve, Neumann, UA, AKG, Pro Tools 12,  API, Antelope, Lexicon, Bricasti, Barefoot, Yamaha, DynAudio and a load of plugins



New Vocal Mic at Hold the lines!


We’ve added a Telefunken AR70 to our current lineup of vocal miss, (Its on the far right in the photograph above)

The most significant differential that the Telefunken AR 70 brings to the mic locker is it’s a Stereo Mic

So you ask, “Why a stereo Mic on Vocals”?

The AR70 can run both capsules straight forward in Phase coherence!  With two preamps  operating the two capsules independent of each other , where one of the capsules is set hotter on the pre-amp with a large fast compression ratio set, the Vocal tracks have the advantage of sounding up front, no matter how low or loud the singers performance. Capturing vocals in this method reduces the need for excesive post processing compression/Expansion. So just push the faders up in the mix and Whalaah!,  Great sound.

Now, in a perfect world all we have to do is stick a singer in front of the Telefunken AR70 and all is good. Not so Fast, some other mic pre-amp combination may be better for your voice.

That’s why we choose the vocal chain carefully here and have a lot of flexibility in our combinations


Neumann TLM49


Telefunken AR70


Shure SM7B


NEVE 1081  x 4

Neve 1073 x 2

API  512C   x 3

Avalon VT737SP

UA 6176

UA LA610 Mk II

SSL Duality SE 24

Next Steps...

Contact me to discuss your music