Music Files

"Sunday Sessions"


Robert Klein on Bass and Guitar with Joie G on Vocals, Mike Murphy on Drums and special Guest George "THE ROCK" Rochler on Guitars, produced here at Hold the Lines on a "Sunday Session" This song is about the need to keep striving towards your goals no matter what --no excuses. Inspired by Cassidy Hooper

Robert Klein on Bass and Guitar with Joie G on Vocals, Mike Murphy on Drums  produced here at Hold the Lines on a "Sunday Session" A little Political, About our great forefathers

Bad a great jazz pop song. Some of the tracks were recorded in Kyle's home studio and the rest were recorded during a "Sunday Session" here at Hold The Lines. All mixed through real analog  SSL stereo Compressors and E.Q's. and summed through the Toft ATM 24 and finalized through Neve 2264 Compressors


Recorded and mixed  as a demo in a single 3 hour session. Great Vibe ! Great tune Michael!


A soulful chant,Featuring Robert Klein on Fretless bass and Matthew Abrams as a guest cellist. Recorded and mixed here on a "Sunday Session"..   Deep!



Vocal Coaching

These files  are  Karaoke vocal training session with Shelby where we worked on message delivery and emotion.



Music video for Zeppelin Complete, Music and some video footage recorded at Hold The Lines.

Above are a few samples of artists work that approved the use of their files as promo demo's



Hold The Lines is proud to display content links to a new artist Shayne Goss.  These tracks were masterfully created in collaboration with George Rochler as producer and musical director out of the Atlanta Georgia area.  Hold the lines provided Mixing, Mastering and vocal treatment services to these recordings as well as Bass tracking by Robert L. Klein . Shayne has a great vibe and George did a fantastic job capturing that magic.

Note:  the audio files are at lo res. Full, hi res versions will be available in the near future directly from the artist




Hey Doctor...

Save Me...



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